Freebies | January 13th, 2015

Monthly Goodies – Organizing your Paperwork

Being a freelance designer can be very rewarding. You’re your own boss, you’re not stuck in an office and there is really no limit on how much you can potentially earn. But it’s no walk in the park either. There is the creative side and there is the business side. If you are first starting out as a freelance designer or have been in the business for a bit, everyone knows paperwork can be a headache. The more clients you get the more paper work you are going to have. Whether it is keeping track of your monthly expenses or clients payment we all need some sort of records.

Starting out as a freelance designer I caught myself losing records and my desk being covered in paperwork. At times I was doing more paperwork then actually designing and I knew I couldn’t have this. I needed more time for design and less time on paper work. I created a structure of files where I was able to keep all my records in one binder, the software will be released sometime next year.

Below are the files I believe every freelance designer needs.

Download Company Forms
PDF Files    Excel Files