Cupcakes and Cosmetics

Glam experience with sweets and beauty!

How we helped bring two companies into one brand

  • Brand Strategy

  • Graphic Design

  • Illustration


Cupcakes & Cosmetics is a joint company of Bites Galore and Glam Inc. NYC, they have partnered together to bring you a glamorous experience with sweets and beauty.

In order to differentiate their new partnership from their private enterprises, Cupcakes & Cosmetics sought our services in branding as well as a business card and package design. Drawing inspiration from every day cosmetics products, the new logo is a vibrant reflection of the two companies.

Cupcakes and Cosmetics Product Design


The final outcome was a combination of cosmetic products that form the cupcake frosting. As well as incorporated the two companies logos within the title.

Cosmetic Layout

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