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"If you can design one thing, You can design everything." -Massimo Vignelli

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When design works well, the end result is greater than the sum of its parts. Our design phase is an exacting process. The work we do with your input behind the scenes is translated into something simple yet masterful, functional and flawless.

Long Island Illustrations


The very heart of design, illustration is one of the original passions of the founder of FE. From realistic animation to fantastical landscapes, our team can bring any idea to life with their pen and key strokes.

Long Island Illustrations

Poster Design

Whether you are promoting a movie or sporting event make your message stand out.

Long Island Package Design

Package Design

Our Moms told us it's what inside that counts, but we think a good outside helps, too. Unique packaging from our design team will distinguish your product and brand from competitors.

Long Island Book Design

Book Cover Design

When it comes to book cover design, we believe that every detail matters. Our graphic design team is committed to creating distinctive cover art that demands attention and accurately represents the content inside. Intriguing the reader with eye-popping illustration, our designers will draw upon marketing strategy and knowledge of brand development to assure your cover design dresses your book for success.

Long Island Print Design

Print Design

We may live in a digital world, but print is alive and well. We create tangible design including brochures, business cards, fliers, and postcards that can stand alone or be an extension of your online presence.

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